Need a job? Seat open on Toledo City Council

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Controversy is brewing on Toledo City Council over how a replacement for Councilman Phil Copeland should be found. Copeland was elected as Lucas County Recorder on November 6 and will be sworn in in early January.

Council will vote to appoint a replacement, and with the democrats in control it appears they will choose the new member.  Republican Tom Waniewski would like to see the process handled differently.

"City council is the people's business, why don't we go out to the people and see who would be interested in this position?" Waniewski said.

Waniewski is so committed to the idea, he says he plans to place an ad in the Sunday paper soliciting interested applicants.  Some of his fellow councilmen to not agree that is such a good idea.

"I know Tom said he didn't want the politics to be in this. Advertising for somebody in the paper, that's not a political move? I'll leave that up for you to decide," said Councilman Mike Craig.

Whoever council winds up appointing will serve the remaining year of Copeland's term, then run for an at-large seat next fall.