Maumee Bay (WTOL) - Fancy felines from across the country, even Canada, are in Maumee this weekend to earn the top cat status.

It's the Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers all-breed cat show at the Lucas County Rec Center.

Two hundred cats are entered in this year's show, like Phantom the Cornish Rex from Toronto, Ontario.

Phantom has an outgoing personality and for those with allergies, doesn't shed.

"Very warm to the touch. Very elegant, extraordinarily affectionate," said owner Sandra Nageta.

The All Breed Cat Show is a judged show.

Winners will qualify for future advanced national cat shows.

Kathy Calhoun judges the Persian cats.

She'll give them points for having a perfectly rounded head, a short beautiful coat and something else.

"Big, round copper eyes" says Ms. Calhoun.

This can be an entertaining day for spectators too.

Cat owners are encouraged to come and see the kitties up close and in the fur while they are waiting to compete.

"The cats that you see here, none of them go outside. They are indoor only cats, makes them easier to care for, don't have to worry about them  bringing anything in," said show organizer Megan Hiemstra.

This purrrrrfect cat show continues Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.