(WTOL) - By now, you might have seen or heard of these blankets that can make you and/or your baby look like a burrito when you’re wrapped up inside of them.

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For some people this is a dream come true, but what if your dream is to look like a different food?

A pizza, or a Hot Pocket perhaps?

Fortunately, this is America, and if this is your dream, it can easily come true.

The Internet can sometimes be a wonderful place filled with wondrous things - like Amazon.

Amazon sells pizza, cheeseburger and cookie blankets that look deliciously real.

So real, in fact, that the pizza blanket comes in a take-out box. But just in case you feel like taking a bite out of it, the description says it is not edible.

If you want to take your foodie love to the next level and a blanket just doesn’t cut it, you can also try a pizza sleeping bag from Amazon or Hot Pocket sleeping bag from ThinkGeek.

Wrap yourself up in your favorite food with these blankets

Just be careful if you use them when you’re out camping - you could look good enough to become a bear’s next snack!