(WTOL) - Bonfires, beaches and barbecue - the recipe for a perfect summer day.

Now another B-word - Budweiser, that is - has their own recipe to make sure your barbecue is perfect, too.

Anheuser-Busch Brewing company and artisan meats company Coleman Natural Foods have teamed up to create high-quality meat products with the taste of Budweiser Beer built in.

Here’s what you can introduce to your grill come summer 2019, as per Budweiser’s website:

Budweiser Beer Brats:

"The perfect bratwurst has arrived. It only took more than 140 years. Thick, juicy, and bursting with Budweiser flavor, these brats won't stand for ordinary. We realize that adding Budweiser to a bratwurst is just the next logical step in BBQ evolution, and we're proud to be ushering in a new era of grilling goodness.

Buy the brats that own the grill."
Turn your barbecue up a notch with Budweiser Meats

You can enjoy the regular beer brats or spice it up with jalapeno cheddar.

Pulled pork:

“When we set out to create the best pulled pork the world has ever seen, we knew it had to be the highest-quality meat worthy to carry the Budweiser name. This was going to be an heroic feat, which was why we teamed up with Coleman Natural Foods to craft this iconic addition to any BBQ feast. New pulled pork from Budweiser Meats is kingly, fully cooked pork produced without any added hormones, animal byproducts, or artificial ingredients.”

Turn your barbecue up a notch with Budweiser Meats

“You’ve never tasted pulled pork like this. Juicy, tender, and loaded with Budweiser taste, new pulled pork from Budweiser Meats raises the bar for BBQ.”

Smoked Ribs:

“New Smoked Ribs from Budweiser Meats and Coleman Natural Foods combine two of the best things in the world: Budweiser Beer and tender, juicy pork ribs. Both half- and full-rack rib options come pre-cooked and ready to bless your BBQ with their presence.”

Turn your barbecue up a notch with Budweiser Meats

“When the grill calls for something truly legendary, answer with new Smoked Ribs from Budweiser Meats.”

The meat probably pairs great with a can of Budweiser, but we’re sure it would taste delicious with any beer of your choosing.