Author: Tegna

Published: March 19, 2019

Students at Purdue University hoping to watch the latest Netflix film or catch up on a missed episode of their favorite TV show, won't be able to do so in any of the school's classrooms anymore.

When students returned this week from Spring Break, the university started blocking Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other streaming and gaming sites from accessing the school’s broadband internet in classrooms, according to multiple reports.

The move was meant as a way to free up bandwidth for academic purposes, school officials told The Washington Post. Purdue first tested the idea with a pilot program during the fall that blocked access to five streaming sites in just four lecture halls.

University officials told The Washington Post they weren't aware of any other schools with similar streaming bans in classrooms, but said they hadn't received any complaints about it yet.

Purdue decided to implement the ban after a study found that just 4 percent of its internet traffic in was academic, while 34 percent was being used for streaming sites and gaming, according to the Chicago Tribune.