(WTOL) - When you think of MillerCoors, you probably think of beer.

Some people really like beer. Others, not so much.

But the beer brewing company is trying something new, and it involves wine.

Now do I have your attention?

MillerCoors unveiled a canned wine spritzer in select markets this week.

Named Movo Wine Spritzers, the 100-calorie drink is made with real wine, natural ingredients and no added sugar, according to MillerCoors.

The spritzers will come in 8.4 oz cans in three flavors: Raspberry Rose, Peach White Blend and Blood Orange Sangria.

MillerCoors unveils three flavors of wine spritzers

If all goes well in the test markets, MillerCoors will bring the product to markets everywhere.

Good news for us, though: if you want to try one now, you won’t have to go too far.

Ann Arbor is one of just two test markets that get a sneak peek at the spritzers.

Vancouver, Washington is the other market.