Author: Michelle Homer

Published: 7:22 PM EDT March 19, 2019

Updated: 8:30 PM EDT March 19, 2019

ATASCOCITA, Texas — Only in Texas.

When a store advertises “All leashed pets are welcome,” don’t be surprised if someone calls your bluff.

That’s what Vincent Browning did Monday when he visited the Petco in Atascocita.

Brown strolled in with a giant African Watusi -- on a leash, of course.

“The awesome crew at Petco did not disappoint,” Browning posted on Facebook. “They welcomed Oliver with open arms!”

He seemed very sweet and gentle as people stopped to pet him and pose for pictures.

The beautiful beast is so popular in Browning’s hometown of Raywood, that he has his very own Facebook page with more than 22,000 followers.

Yep. Only in Texas.