Napoleon introduces recreation fees
Napoleon baseball fields are empty right now, but they will be active this summer, as long as residents can afford team fees.

NAPOLEON, OH (Toledo News Now) – The City of Napoleon isconsidering adding a fee to many parks and recreation activities that havepreviously been free to residents.

The city said the fees are necessary due to shrinkingbudgets and funding.

"We've never really wanted to do [it]," said Tony Cotter,parks and recreation director. "But we're at a position that we really needthat extra revenue."

Cotter said these activities have been funded through alevy passed in the 1980s, but that money is running low and the city has had todip into the General Fund. So city council is looking into a proposal thatwould charge fees to play on city sports teams.

Maria Pullen, a mother of four, said she is not very surprisedby the fees, and they won't keep her kids out of sports.

"We're used to paying more for gas, more for milk,"Pullen said. "You're not going to keep your kids home and have them do nothingand become overweight."

Cotter said they are also proposing a plan for familieswith lower income to have a reduced fee, so that everyone that wants toparticipate in the sports is still able to.

"We're hoping this won't detract from people stillwanting to be involved," he said. "So we'll do the best we can."

The proposed fee to join a team would be around $20-30.City council still has two more readings on the proposal before it is passed.