TOLEDO (WTOL) - A mother is pushing for more transparency with school attendance records.

She claims, her son might have managed to manipulate the current system and skipped class several days in a row. She only found out after it was too late.

Ty Conn went to Ottawa Glandorf high school until he died in October.

However, a lawyer for the school district said the issue is more complicated than just attendance records.

The lawyer said someone did call in to say Conn was sick, but Conn’s mother said it wasn’t her, Ty’s father or his stepfather and she want’s more follow-up for school absences.

Tuesday marks five months since Ty Conn was found in his backyard with a gunshot wound to the head. His family is getting ready to have a balloon release and “paint the town green” in his memory.

Conn's death was deemed "accidental" by the coroner, but it's the missed classes and school days leading up to the incident that has his mother Lindy Schroeder concerned.

"I'm focused on the 9th, 10th and 11th. There went three days by and I didn't get contacted," Schroeder said.

She said Ty e-mailed the principal on October 10 to say he wouldn’t be at school and his Dad would call him in. It’s policy that a parent notify the district of absences.

School lawyer Jessica Philemond said a call was made to say Ty would be absent.

“Voice recognition isn’t there for a person to be certain, but the requirement is that a parent call,” Philemond said.

Schroeder said it’s possible that Ty left a message at the school pretending to be a parent, but she wants a follow-up call to be made to parents when messages are left at the school to report students out sick.

“I’m not blaming the school for his death. I’m not blaming anyone for his death. What I want is accountability. You have a policy in place, why aren’t we following it?” Schroeder said.

Schroeder believes the situation wouldn’t have escalated if she had been aware that her son had skipped a class where she said he was being bullied.

A report she has from the district shows he was offered counseling.

Schroeder said she would have liked to be notified about the incident.

“If a student misses a class, the teacher is supposed to note that by responding and calling the building principal,” Philemond said.

Conn’s mom said that at the end of the day, she just wants answers and if district officials believe a mistake was made, that they fix it so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.