Mother of girl allegedly held captive arraigned on unrelated charges; Oldest sister speaks out
Hawkins' oldest sister, Shirley Noble, spoke exclusively to WTOL about the allegations against the Ciboros. (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Stafonda Hawkins, the mother of a 13-year-old girl who Toledo police say was held captive for a year in a house on Noble Street was arraigned in Toledo Municipal Court on Thursday on charges unrelated to the case.

On Friday, she was appeared before the Sylvania Municipal Court via video on charges of writing bad checks. She will be sentenced for those charges on June 6.

The girl's step-father and step-brother, Timothy and Esten Ciboro, have both been indicted on charges of kidnapping and endangering children and are scheduled to be arraigned in Lucas County Common Pleas Court in early June.

Stafonda Hawkins has been booked in the Lucas County Jail for a probation violation from 2009 after she left Ohio and reportedly began a life in Las Vegas.

It's unclear if she'll face any charges in connection with her daughter's case.

Hawkins oldest sister, Shirley Noble, was in court Friday and spoke to WTOL 11 about the case.

"It's terrible. I never know that something like this would ever happen," said Noble.

Noble says she wants her sister to know that she loves her.

"I don't hate her for nothing. I mean things happen in life, you know.  A lot of things happen in life and she made mistakes, you know, for doing dirty things to people, but I really want to talk to her see how she doing," said Noble.

She says she thought the house was vacant, because she used to drive by and never saw the kids.

"I thought they had moved, so I stopped going by there," she said.

Noble says she doesn't understand how someone could do what the Ciboro's allegedly did to a child, and that this could have all been avoided.

"Out of all the things in the world, why would you do to a little kid when you could of took her somewhere and give her to somebody. Take her downtown and if you don't want her no more, just took them downtown and just say I can't handle this," said Noble.

She says if there's truth in all of this, she wants justice for her niece.

"I want them to be punished, because that's not right," she said. "If they don't get punished, somebody going to hurt them."