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Miracle kid dancing her way through adversity

When you watch Regan dance, you'd never know what she's endured in just 12 years of life.
Regan and her mom Renee (Source: family)
Regan is an award winning dancer (Source: family)
Regan is part of the Motor City Mini Dance Team for the NBA Detroit Pistons (Source: family)
Regan in hospital bed (Source: family)
A young Regan (Source: family)

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - "She wants everyone to feel like they are a miracle," explained mom Renee of her daughter Regan.

Regan describes herself as a normal 12-year-old kid, but to so many others she's a miracle.

Despite several medical setbacks, she's dancing her way to the top.

"From the moment that I met her she had a capacity to always give 100%," explained Veronica Chapp-Miller, Regan's dance teacher and executive director at Inspire Dance Center. "She typically is the most outgoing, smiling child that I have ever met even through her hard times with her illness."

"You look at her strength and then you are very thankful for that and she gives you hope," said Renee.

When you watch Regan dance, you'd never know what she's endured in just 12 years of life.

"She's had multiple spinal taps, she's had many nights in the hospital," explained Renee. "She would be a trooper, she could at that point tell them which vein didn't work that time."

When Regan was just a baby she got infection after infection and saw little relief, until a doctor took a chance and tested her for a rare metabolic disorder, Carnitine Deficiency.

As time went on doctors learned Regan also suffers from Renal Tubular Acidosis, Immune Deficiency and Ulcerative Colitis.

This means extreme daily pain for Regan.

"It just means that I have to fight more than other people," explained Regan.

It's that simple for Regan, she works a little harder to be just like everyone else.

Despite the daily medicine, pain and increased risk of illness she doesn't let it bring her down.

Regan is endlessly positive, relentless, determined and driven to dance.

"I just keep on dancing and it helps," said Regan.

She started dancing just four years ago and it instantly changed her life. Whether ballet, jazz, or hip-hop, she loves the energy dancing gives her.

"She could be vomiting in a bucket and then look at you a couple hours later and say, 'hey can I still go to dance?'," explained Renee.

"She's all in when she is dancing," said Veronica Chapp-Miller. "You can tell that there's nothing else she loves more."

And to clarify, she isn't just a dancer. She's an award-winning dancer who even earned a coveted spot on the Motor City Mini Dance Team for the NBA Detroit Pistons.

"It's really fun," explained Regan of dancing on a national stage. "Like there's a lot of people there and sometimes it's a little scary, but it's fun when you get out there."

While every day Regan continues to push through her pain, she and her mom are grateful for all that Mercy Children's Hospital has done for them in the past.

"The care for us up in the hospital rooms, checking on us and the nurses and all the staff they support us," said Renee. "They have been like our family."

Regan hopes to continue dancing in the future and become a choreographer, showing others how dance can get you thought the tough times.

"I just have dance and it helps me get through everything," said Regan.