Michigan to become 30th state to offer coverage for autism

 BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - Eleven year old Jarret Breznai is autistic.

His mom describes Jarret as funny, sweet and more honest than most kids.

Ann Breznai says his autistic diagnosis almost ate up the family savings.

"Just off the bat it cost us $5,000 to get the diagnosis. They didn't even cover that, the diagnosis," said Breznai.

That's when Ms. Breznai became a member of AIM: Austic Insurance Michigan.

Her group urged Michigan legislators to include autism under health insurance plans.

The measure was recently passed.

"Any insurance company that writes a police in Michigan has to include treatment and therapy for autism," she said.

Ironically, that's why Jarret will not be covered.

Both his parents work in Toledo.

Ohio doesn't have autism coverage.

"Which means our policies come out of Toledo but I'm a Michigan resident" says Ms. Breznai.

Still, she believes it's a victory for most Michigan parents of autistic kids.

The state will pay for the health insurance.

"They've set up a reimbursement fund and the insurance companies can apply and get reimbursed for whatever the costs are. This does not get passed off to the business," she said.

The new bill still needs to be signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

It should go into effect in mid-October.

Michigan now becomes the 30th state in the country to offer autism health coverage. 

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