Metropark welcomes holiday visitors to Manor House

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's a beautiful Toledo tradition spanning three decades at the Wildwood Metroparks Preserve.

"Holidays in the Manor House" features 35 differently decorated areas of the stately, 30 room mansion sparkling with holiday spirit.

Each area is decorated by a volunteer individual or group.

The process is challenging but rewarding.

"Every year they submit new ideas for decorating individual areas. Every year it ends up being different," said Beckie Finch of the Manor House.

One elegant room on the main floor was decorated by Angela Metcaff.

"It's been inspired by many years of working for the Metroparks," she said, adding her Christmas tree represents snow blanketing the Manor House grounds.

Her photographs on tables express her love of the area.

You'll also find pictures Angela has painted in her spare time.

"Seeing Wildwood in the wintertime brings peacefulness to my day when I'm able to come in here on a real snowy day," said Ms. Metcaff.

The Manor House was home to the Stranahan family, founders of Champion Spark Plug.

It and surrounding property was purchased by the Metroparks in the mid-seventies.

The house has been decorated for the holidays ever since.

"Holidays in the Manor House" runs through next Sunday.

Admission is free.