OTTAWA COUNTY (WTOL) - A member of the Carroll Township Fire Department is dead after crashing into a pond in Ottawa County on Thursday.

The crash happened in the area of Wall St. and Toussaint Club Road in Carroll Township.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office says they received a 9-1-1 call from a driver who said they crashed their vehicle into the water.

While police were on their way to the area, they lost contact with driver.

Police arrived to the scene to find the vehicle completely under water in a pond. Officers quickly searched the scene to see if the driver had made it out of the vehicle.

When police found no evidence of that, a deputy went into the water to check the vehicle but had to exit the pond because the cold water was affecting his ability to function.

The Carroll Township Fire Department arrived on scene and sent 3 crew members into the water with cold water gear on.

The firemen reached the vehicle and found the driver inside. Police say the driver of the vehicle was a member of the Carroll Township Fire Department and was headed to a squad call when the crash happened.

The driver was pulled from the vehicle and brought to the shore where they were treated by Carroll Township EMT’s.

The driver was then taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.