TOLEDO (WTOL) - The National Ice Carving Championship is heating up this weekend at Perrysburg Winterfest.

Nine master and professional carvers are competing for $15,000 in prize money.

Three hundred pound chunks of ice are being turned into artwork along Louisiana Avenue.

Judges will score the sculptures in ten categories including artistic impression, gravity and degree of difficulty.

There’s one thing about being an ice sculptor according to Chad Harston of the National Ice Carving Championship.

You got to have patience,” said Chad.

Ryan Roth is a professional sculptor who crafts pieces for wedding receptions, corporate events and parties.

This ice artist feels he’s creating a picture in a moment on a cold canvas.

“It’s very diverse. You can freeze pieces together, make it bigger. Carve it into a block like you would wood or sand. Actually attach pieces. Make it bigger,” said Roth.

National pride is on the line too.

The winner qualifies for a place on the U.S. Olympic Ice Carving Team.

The weather is perfect this weekend.

Not too warm, not too cold.

“And they can lick and stick this ice and put it right back together as it comes apart. Makes it more interesting. Tongue could definitely stick and we’ve all seen that go wrong,” laughs carving judge Ken Diederick.

Round two of the carving competition is Saturday in downtown Perrysburg.

It will end as every championship does: a winner with a melting masterpiece that becomes just a memory.