Man killed during south Toledo break-in, police say
Man killed during south Toledo break-in, police say

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police confirm 23-year-old Romeo Alexander was shot and killed in the 1200 block of Rock Cress Drive in south Toledo around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say Alexander was in his mother's house when an armed intruder kicked in the front door. "Someone broke into the house. There was a confrontation, and he chased the suspect outside where the suspect shot him, I believe twice," said Deputy Toledo Police Chief Don Kenney.

Patricia Hooker heard the gunshots. "I hear gun shots. I walk out here, and I see a body down the street. I'm devastated," she said.

Family members say they are heartbroken. "His smile, his personality, his demeanor, everything. I'll remember everything," said cousin Cynthia McCadney. "He was a baby. My daughter, they're the same age, It's sad."

Meanwhile neighbors in the Gardenview Homes Development say break-ins aren't unusual, and they're calling out for new security measures. "I've addressed this issue with management," said Hooker. "I've asked them if they could put a privacy fence up, something around my back door. I've been told 'No.' They're more concerned with yard care then our protection."

Another neighborhood resident, Charles Pruitt, said, "It's horrible. It doesn't make any sense. I have kids stay here. It could have been one of my kids."