Malnourished horses found in Ottawa Co.

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Dave Dykema - email

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Dozens of dying horses were found and rescued from a farm in Carroll Township in Ottawa Co.

One by one 37 Arabian Horses were transported by trailer to the Sandusky Co. Fairgrounds in Fremont for treatment by vets. Six have already died.

"I think that after watching them being brought here all night, helping unload, watching what's happening to these animals... That shouldn't happen to any animal. Ever," Jennifer Hensley, a horse owner said.

Officials from the Humane Society of Ottawa Co. rescued the horses Friday. The animals were in horrible shape. They were starving, dehydrated and near death.

The scene was described by one rescuer as a holocaust for horses.

"There was three horses down. We had vets come in. There was no bringing them back. They were euthenized," Robert Hensley of the Humane Society of Ottawa Co. said.

The owner of the horses has not been charged and is not being identified. Humane Society officials say she's a well known horse breeder in the area but could no longer financially care for the animals.

"She didn't think she wasn't taking care of them. They looked fine to her. I said 'Dead ones. They look good to you too?''' said Nancy Silva of the Humane Society of Ottawa Co.

Word of the big rescue spread through the equestrian community. Folks showed up from everywhere bringing blankets, hay and feed--anything to help out.

One of them was Ottawa Co. Commissioner Jim Sass, who bought new blankets and donated hay from his farm. "They didn't ask for it. Had no control over it. They depended on people," he said. "It's my way of helping out."

All the Arabians who now temporarily call the fairgrounds home are expected to survive.

The owner of the horses faces cruelty to animals charges.

This will be quite a financial strain on the Humane Society of Ottawa Co. The organization is asking for donations of money, supplies and time to offset costs. Contact them at 419-734-5191.