PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - We told you last summer about a local inventor, whose product got picked up by Walmart. Now, you can officially buy "Sposie" at the Bowling Green and Perrysburg locations.

It's a booster pad that sits right inside a diaper, keeping parents from having to change the sheets every morning.

Mother of two, Crystal Saylor, says Sposie has made the world of difference for her family.

"With the Sposie, we just put it right in and he wakes up and his bed is dry every morning, instead of having to change his sheets every morning," Saylor said.

Ryan Wright, manager of Sposie, says the product is in 129 Walmart stores right now.

"It's a test market for us, but now these moms in the local areas in those 129 stores can pick up the product locally," Wright explained. "So it's a great start for us."

It's part of Walmart's promise in 2013 to buy an additional $250 billion in products that support American jobs over 10 years. Last year, Walmart spent nearly $16 billion with Ohio suppliers, supporting 118,000 local jobs.

"Walmart has shown that the two most important things to consumers right now, price is number one," Wright said. "Followed by price, is made in the United States."

Sposie runs $9.97 for 30 pads and you can easily find it on the end cap in the baby section of the Bowling Green and Perrysburg stores. Wright says it's a cost-effective solution for an ongoing problem for parents.

Wright says if the product does well in test market stores, it will expand to other locations.

"We estimate that if we get all the Walmart locations, that this would add approximately 12 jobs," Wright said.