TOLEDO (WTOL) - There is a big thank you in order to the northwest Ohio community for making WTOL 11 and Impact with Hope’s “Sending Hope” drive, a major success.

Many at WTOL 11 were touched by the kindness that so many showed throughout the day Thursday from sunrise to about sunset.

The morning started out early and cold around 5 a.m., but that didn’t stop you at home from dropping by and giving back.

“I have a home, I have food, these people don’t. Get out there and help them out. Get some food and get some stuff and let them know that they’re needed and they’re wanted," said Pam Pietrowski as she made her donation.

Some came in groups with too many donations to fit in one car, like Regency Surgery Center which got together and donated 60 cases of diapers.

The CEO and President of Impact with Hope, Linda Greene, feels good knowing they will have plenty of donations to send down south.

“I turned around and came in here and saw this trailer almost completely full,” explained Greene.

The donations collected Thursday will impact so many lives as did some of those who impacted us at WTOL 11 with their stories, just like LaVette Miller’s.

“We live in a low income apartment building and we know what it’s like not to have anything. So, I just know what it’s like to be in need and we’re always trying to be helpful whether it be a little bit or a lot, because people have helped me, from 1 Matters, to my church to people in my church just whatever. So if I can give back, I’m going to pay it forward,” said Lavette.

And with that message in mind, donations continued to pour in right until the very end.

Us here at WTOL 11 want to say thank you northwest Ohio for making a difference. And also just like Lavette said: For “paying it forward.”