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Would you face your biggest fear for over $1,000?

YourLocalSecurity.com is offering $1,031 to one fright conquerer.
Credit: YourLocalSecurity.com

TOLEDO, Ohio — Would you face your biggest fear? YourLocalSecurity.com’s Face Your Fear challenge is looking to hire one Courage Consultant for $1,031 to face an irrational fear of their choosing.

Whether you are afraid of spiders, heights or want to pitch a fear, YourLocalSecurity.com is looking for a challenger to complete the task. Once the challenge is complete the Fright Conquerer will be awarded $1,031.

Interested participants can apply here by Nov. 8. at 2 p.m. EST.

The challenge is inspired by America’s most-searched fears. According to YourLocalSecurity.com, Ohio’s biggest fear is a failure.

Perhaps an Ohioan will be the one to complete the task and win the prize money.