WOOD COUNTY, Ohio — A new survey from drug and mental health experts shows 22% of 12th graders in Wood County vape nicotine on a regular basis, a 60% increase in the past two years. 

"Cigarette smoking used to be up to almost 25%. It is down to almost 3%, which is huge! Unfortunately, in the last two years, from the last time they did it until now, vaping technology has become more prevalent," Deanna Stanton, President of Wood County  Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board said.

Another surprising statistic: the decade-long decline in marijuana use is ending, with 25% of high school seniors using marijuana at some point within the past year.

Ten thousand students from all school districts in the county participated in the survey. Results from each district are not disclosed publicly, but are given to district leaders so they can tailor their education prevention programs accordingly.

"They just want the positive affects of this is what's happening in your school. These are programs we have or these are programs were looking at and seeing if we can line up," Stanton said.

Stanton said leaders from many districts are grateful for these results and are surprised at how much data is pulled together. 

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