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Wintry weather impacting area leaf collections

The snow and ice will be affecting leaf collection schedules, here's what you need to know if your leaves haven't been picked up yet

TOLEDO, Ohio — The start of the second week of leaf collection for the city of Toledo began Monday, with crews starting collection areas in the early morning. 

An official with the City of Toledo said the snow and ice is going to have an impact on pick-up, but it should not delay schedules drastically.

For those who have yet to get their leaves picked up, officials said they will get picked up as soon as possible, especially for people who were in Monday's schedule.

Collection areas have been increased since the last year, which has helped to gather more leaves, but the expected snow and ice means collection will be put on hold until it is cleared.

Crews ended their leaf collection around noon to help with snow and ice preparations.

"We got about a half day of leaf collection in. We'll watch the weather. I think we're going to start to get some more weather in. Then we'll re-access tonight and tomorrow morning whether we continue leaf collection tomorrow or just stay on snow and ice control," said spokesperson for the City of Toledo, Ignazio Messina.

Crews will continue to move through street by street with leaf collection, once the roads are cleared of snow and ice.

You can check the interactive map on the city's website here.