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Jefferson Schools: Gunfire near middle school a 'freak accident' involving goose hunters

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office gave an 'all clear' following a shelter-in-place lockdown at Jefferson Middle School.

MONROE, Michigan — The Monroe County Sheriff's Office gave an "all clear"' following reports of a stray bullet fired near Jefferson Middle School in Monroe, Michigan Tuesday morning while parents were dropping students off to school.  

According to Jefferson Schools superintendent Nelson Henry, an accidental shooting involving goose hunters in the area caused school officials to initiate a shelter-in-place lockdown in the middle school, elementary and high school, all of which are located within the same vicinity.

Law enforcement authorities were alerted and were quickly able to identify who was responsible, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said. Authorities gave an "all clear" to the affected schools once it was evident there was no threat to students or staff. 

Henry described the incident as a "freak accident." 

No one was injured in the incident. It is not clear yet if any charges will be filed. 

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