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Snow day chances: Who makes the call in each school district?

Many district superintendents drive the roads in the morning to determine whether or not to cancel school

LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — The first big snowfall of the season is here, and the big question on everyone's mind is if the snow is heavy enough to cancel school. 

While every school district is different, there are a few similarities among them all in how they decide whether or not to cancel school.

If heavy amounts of snow are expected, school officials from the transportation department or from other areas within the  staff go out and physically drive the roads. 

Usually that starts anytime between 4 a.m. to  5 a.m. During that drive, school officials are looking for any problems ranging for slick roads to visibility issues.

Districts also consult with police and emergency crews out on the roads about their take on canceling school.

From there, officials evaluate if they feel it's safe to be driving in these conditions and if school buses will be able to safely complete their routes. The decision on whether to delay or cancel school must be made by 6 a.m if not earlier. This is because many bus routes start at that time and parents must be notified ahead of schedule as best as possible.

School districts with specific cancellation policies are listed below:

Toledo Public Schools

Perrysburg Schools

Bowling Green City Schools

Oregon City Schools

Otsego Schools

Ottawa Hills

Sylvania Schools

Springfield Schools

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