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What to do if you find a fawn in your garden

Although it may appear that the mother deer has abandoned its baby, that is most likely not the case.
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TECUMSEH, Mich. — Question.

Do you know what to do if you find a fawn in your garden or yard?

It’s a question that people who live near wooded areas, including in urban areas with parks and other undeveloped land, may find themselves wondering.

The Tecumseh Police Department in Lenawee County, Michigan is reminding people to stay away and let Mother Nature follow its course.

The department recently got their first phone call of the season regarding what appeared to be an abandoned fawn and sent out a reminder on social media on the best way to react to the unexpected visitor.

They say although it might appear that the fawn has been abandoned by their mother, it’s much more likely that the mom is off feeding and helping to keep predators away.

Since fawns don’t have a scent it means predators aren’t able to find them unless humans interfere.

Its one of the reasons the mother deer stays away.

Nature’s Nursery in Whitehouse, which does wildlife rehabilitation and conservation education says the mother deer might stay away for 8 or more hours at a time.

Fawns also need rest after being born. It takes a while for them to find their legs.

So, if you see a fawn resting amongst your hostas and lilies, the best course of action is to stay away. Chances are mom will be back soon to take care of her baby.  

However, if there are signs that the fawn is in distress (crying, in the same spot for over 12 hours, looks weak or has flies buzzing around it) Nature’s Nursery says you might try to find a herd in the same county that might adopt the fawn.

Beyond that euthanasia might be the only course of action you can take, but be sure to check the law first before taking action.

You can always call your local wildlife officer if you think a fawn has been abandoned.

Nature's Nursery does not accept deer or fawns. 




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