TOLEDO, Ohio — Washington Local Schools (WLS) received a D on their report cards from the Ohio Department of Education.

Their new superintendent, Dr. Kadee Anstadt, says it's not indicative of how the students and staff are and no matter what, there are always things that can be changed for all school districts. 

As the newly appointed superintendent Anstadt looks forward to making big strides to improve everything. Saying there are things that the report does measure and things it doesn't.

Even though WLS received a D, she is really proud of certain things on the report like growth.

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Growth looks at where a student starts the school year and where they end. That was Washington Local Schools best area with a B grade.

"We missed that C by 1 tenth of a point, so we were really really close. You know what it's probably just a few measures here and there that we need to get back on to that C and honestly move it up to a B is what out ultimate goal would be maybe an A someday, that'd be awesome," said Anstadt.

The two major things she already plans on addressing are achievement and gap closing. Although, she is taking everything into consideration and making the appropriate changes for next year's reports.

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