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Volunteers clean up overgrowing grass, weeds along Maumee River in Towpath Park

Jonathan Fiscus has spent the last two weekends helping to beatify the shores of the Maumee River in Towpath Park in Maumee.

MAUMEE, Ohio — Towpath Park on the banks of the Maumee River in Maumee is looking a little cleaner thanks to some local volunteers.

Jonathan Fiscus lives in Maumee and tries to hold cleanups of different locations around the area a couple of times a year.

For the last two weeks, he and a group of volunteers, with the city's blessing, have helped clear overgrowing grass from the river banks at Towpath Park.

"They gave us the go-ahead, so the last two weeks we've been down here, clearing out overgrown brush, shrubs, weeds and giving you a good view of the river," said Fiscus.

The city has maintained the walking path for runners and walkers but the grass got out of control. Now, the shoreline is clear from tall grass and you can see the entire river with no obstructions.

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"With the way it was overgrown, we couldn't necessarily use the banks and get down to the river," said Fiscus, "and now there's lots of room for fishing and just sitting here and looking out at the river if you'd like."

Greg Common just started coming to the park more to fish and he says this definitely makes the shore more accessible.

"It's open. This area is all open here and some of those spots are open further down the road," said Common. "And it's great for the fishermen."

Common believes if it stays clean, the park can be just as busy as Sidecut Metropark during the annual Walleye Run or White Bass run. 

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Fiscus says they're looking at possibly adding more benches to the river walk and there's talk with the city to possibly pave the parking lot off of East Harrison Avenue, all moves he says can make the park more welcoming.

"We figured it's been about five years or so since anyone has done any maintenance," said Fiscus, "so we just wanted to bring it back to life."

They plan to hold more cleanups later this summer.