TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Early College High School kicked off the first of the virtual graduations for 2020 seniors within Toledo Public Schools (TPS) district.

Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant said the virtual ceremonies are something that these seniors will definitely remember.

There's no stage to walk across and it's definitely not the way 2020 seniors wanted or expected to graduate, but virtual ceremonies remain one of the most popular options for schools as they practice social distancing.

For salutatorian, Sarah Samarani, it was a surreal moment.

"Honestly, I still don't feel like I graduated yet, just because I wasn't there in person to feel it, but I'm just so grateful that we were able to have a graduation, even if it was virtual," Samarani said.

The best part for her, was watching it online with her family.

Graduation is the highlight of the year for many high school seniors and even staff.

This year's graduation is Toledo Early College principal, Karen Berman's fifth graduation with the school. She says this one was special.

"Having today under wraps, so to speak, is just a really good feeling. I'm really happy to know that we were able to provide an experience for our students," Berman said.

Both Berman and Samarani, say they won't feel like the year is totally complete until their drive-thru ceremony, but that doesn't happen until June.

Traditional high schools within TPS will have their virtual graduations beginning May 26.

A list of the days and times for all the high schools in TPS can be found here.

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