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Vacant Southwyck Mall property hits another stumbling block in the pursuit of being re-devolped

The city wanted to re-categorize the space as light industrial as opposed to retail which is what it is currently.
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TOLEDO, Ohio — The vacant Southwyck Mall property has hit another stumbling block in being re-developed.

A vote to re-zone the area to make it appealing to specific industries has failed.

The city wanted to re-categorize the space as light industrial as opposed to retail which is what it is currently. 

This means businesses like fulfillment centers and tech companies could build on the 58 acre plot of land.

The city of Toledo has been looking at the best way to fill the currently vacant space that held the Southwyck mall.

"This would be more appropriate for logistics, for enclosed manufacturing for  tech or advanced manufacturing which is usually seen in a clean industrial park type setting," said Amy Sackman Odum, the director of Neighborhood and Business Development.

Odum added that it's a great location for spaces like a fulfillment center since it's close to the Turnpike. She also believes it could help create needed jobs in town.

Neighbor to the property and local real estate agent Deon Davis has different ideas. 

"I think putting in a unique plan in here, turning it into partially residential, ranch style villas maybe a couple of villas, with a lake in the middle," said Davis.

He's brought that plan to local builders and an engineering firm and they think it could be realistic, but there is a big barrier.

"At this point they will need some help with infrastructure because at this point the cost of moving all that parking lot and the electricity and all the infrastructure is pretty costly," Davis said.

There haven't been any offers on the land right now as it stands. If the city were to get one, that would begin another lengthy process

Even though it didn't pass Thursday, the re-zoning request will be back before the commission on July 11.