WOOD COUNTY (WTOL) - A local woman was reaching out for help, after her son who has ‘severe Autism’ was allegedly assaulted by the boy’s caretaker and on the run.

But now Kendall Jackson, who was wanted by the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, has been taken into custody in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Jackson is charged with two counts of endangering children and one count of patient abuse.

DeAnne Kleinhans describes her son on February 4, the night she says he was assaulted.

“He had facial bruising, he had bruising on his arms and his back, and actually there’s videos that show him being struck in the face,” Kleinhans said.

She recounts looking at camera footage she says shows a caregiver being violent toward her son with Autism. The incident allegedly took place at his group home in Bowling Green.

He has awake overnight staff because he has seizure disorder on top of being severely autistic and there's a camera in his room to capture those seizures if he has them during the night," Kleinhans said.

Kleinhans said those overnight motion sensor cameras activated during the assault and that caretaker Kendall Jackson is the one seen in the footage.

She has words for Jackson: “You know what you did was wrong and you hurt the most fun-loving person that you’re ever met and you need to turn yourself in."

Despite the injuries, she said her son is doing much better following the February incident.

Kleinhans wants this footage out there to show why she wants Jackson to be taken into custody.

If you know anything, please call the Wood County Sheriff’s Department at (419) 354-9001.