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Contractors come together to right a wrong and fix a woman's house

Dodi Sawyer called the local carpenter's union to report a contractor she says scammed her. The union responded in a big way by coming together to repair her home.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Contractors from all over the Toledo area came together tonight to help a local woman.

Dodi Sawyer hired someone to fix up her home, but says that person left her with no heat, no running water and no electricity in her kitchen or bathroom.

Her house has looked like a construction zone since June, but Thursday it was a little bit different because now, things were getting fixed.

"My faith is restored in the human race, especially in this day and age when you don't see this all the time," Sawyer said.

What was supposed to be a minor construction job turned into a major headache after she says her first contractor demolished her upstairs bathroom and most of her kitchen, then took the money and left.

She wanted to make sure it didn't happen to anyone else, so she reported it to the local carpenter's union.

"Next thing you know, they showed up to my door saying they were going to do all this work for me," Sawyer said.

Mike Gibson is the man who made it happen, reaching out to his local union contacts.

"When my secretary told me about the story and the length it went to, I called and got the entire story and it pulled at my heartstrings. I was taught at a young age what's right is right, what's wrong is wrong and I had to find some way to make this right," Gibson said.

Sawyer hopes her story will help others avoid hiring the wrong person.

"This was a friend and I walked in with my eyes wide open and phew, I'll never do that again. Always get bids and get background checks," Sawyer said.

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