TOLEDO, Ohio — UAW leaders say meetings are set between them and Mercy Health on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. 

This is the first time official meetings will happen since this strike began on May 6. 

On Friday, UAW national President Gary Jones made remarks at the UAW hall before heading out to the picket line and talking to striking workers there Friday afternoon.

He says he believes it's time to go back to the table and work things out.

"We are one, and we are one UAW. I'm glad that Rich said they're getting back to the table. I think they need to, to get a fair and equitable contract for our members here," Jones said. 

"But we really need to get back to where we have Toledoans - if that's the right word down here - working for the Toledoans down here. We don't need members or employees of the hospital from out of state, or even out of the country or out of the area, taking care of their neighbors. The neighbors that live in this city need to take of the neighbors in this city," Jones said. 

Gary Jones, UAW national president
UAW national President Gary Jones addresses union workers before heading out to the Mercy St. Vincent picket line.

UAW leaders say the issues that still must be worked out are on-call issues, health-care coverage and overall patient safety. They would not elaborate on specifics of what they need to see in those contracts in order to end this.

Striking St. Vincent workers are unsure of how those meetings will play out.

"I’m hoping something major happens, I’m hoping! But I don’t want to get excited and then be let down," said Jackie Oswald, a nurse at St. Vincent. 

Until those meetings happen, workers will be holding their ground on the picket line.

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