TOLEDO, Ohio — UAW Local 2213 reached a new Tentative Collective Bargaining agreement with Mercy Hospital System Wednesday. 

The UAW Local 2213 represents the nurses at Mercy St. Vincent's.

The UAW said it won't release any comments on changes until they are presented to membership on Monday and Tuesday. 

Once the changes are reviewed then a vote will happen. 

At a full membership meeting last Thursday, UAW nurses outlined clear concerns about the previous contract that had been voted down. 

The Local 2213 Bargaining Committee then approached Mercy Hospital with the memberships input and achieved some key changes from the previous proposal addressing member nurses’ concerns.

“Through these new changes we believe that Mercy has addressed some major concerns raised in the previous collective bargaining vote,” said Susan Pratt President of UAW Local 2213. “The democratic union process often has twists and turns, but once again it has given our nurses some important improvements toward a fair and equitable contract and patient care.”