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Travel advisory cautions Ohioans on out-of-state travel

Gov. DeWine released an updated travel advisory encouraging Ohioans not to travel to high-risk states.

OHIO, USA — If you're looking to travel out of state this summer, you may want to reconsider.

Governor Mike DeWine issued a new travel advisory this week showing people the risks for the coronavirus in each state. The chart highlights states with a 15 percent or more positive testing rate. Ohioans should quarantine for two weeks when traveling from Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, and South Carolina, according to DeWine.

Dianne Drouillard thought she just had allergies but tested positive for the coronavirus. She said many people that haven't gotten sick underestimate the virus.

"I don't think they know the severity of this disease, you know of this virus," she said.

Drouillard took a drive to Henry County last month to go to an event at a winery. It was there that she and her daughter said they were infected with the coronavirus, along with more than 90 other people. And she said getting the virus has changed her mind about traveling and going out.

"It really has. I've really never been a person afraid to go places or do anything," she said. "Yeah, this puts a big damper on being out in public."

Governor DeWine's new travel advisory encouraged Ohioans not to travel to high-risk states. 

Henry County health commissioner Mark Adams said people can travel but should think twice about going out of state.

"My parents are still in Florida and I'd love to go down and see them, but it's not a vacation I have to take," he said. "So really just sit and reevaluate is it a vacation you have to take."

Drouillard added that people should not go out of state just for leisure.

"If it's just to horse around and go down to the beach, I think I would wait quite a while," she said.

Drouillard believes it's important to wear a mask to protect others. She said she now knows the virus affects everyone differently because her daughter had it worse than her.

"It's changed me a lot," she said, "because, like I said, I was always like, 'let's go here and let's go there,' but not now, I'm telling you, it changes you a lot," said Drouillard. "If you start having symptoms like that and you know you've been in contact. Yes, I think you should quarantine and you should get tested."