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Victim of alleged grooming, sexual assault by Start HS volunteer coach is 'now dealing with a pregnancy,' lawyers say

The alleged victim's lawyers are encouraging others to come forward. TPS released a statement that the incident is under investigation by police and the district.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Public Schools and Toledo police are investigating a Start High School coach for inappropriate conduct toward a student. 

The volunteer coach allegedly sexually assaulted a minor who is "now dealing with a pregnancy," according to the girl's lawyers.

"We do have a confirmed pregnancy. We believe the victim, we believe the family, we know that there is a pregnancy," Andrea Young, an associate attorney at Charles Boyk Law said.

Young is representing the the victim in the case, and says the volunteer coach reached out to the victim on social media platforms. 

"He engaged in conversation with her. As far a we're concerned, he groomed her," she said. "He then reached out and set up a meeting with her, isolated her and that's when the sexual assault occurred."

TPS released a statement Monday saying that Lucas County Children Services was contacted due to the nature of the allegations. 

The volunteer coach has been prohibited from school grounds and attending athletic events.

At this time, the name of the coach or the current age of the victim has not being released, due to the investigation.

When the alleged sexual assault happened, Young says the victim was under the age of 16.

"She was under the age of consent in Ohio, so she did not have legal authority for consent. That is under the age of 16," Young explained.

It has not been confirmed if it happened more than once or if there are more victims.

The firm did confirm its investigation involves looking into the possibility of other alleged victims.

"When you have a coach in a position of power, it's alarming. If they're preying on students, if they're grooming them, it completely violates the trust that parents have and makes us concerned even sending our children forward," Young said.

The law firm notes that they are looking into whether or not the incident occurred on school property and if the school understood what was going on or took any action.

All volunteer coaches must undergo a background check before assisting with programs. The district also contacted Toledo police and they are aware of the situation.

The full statement from TPS Deputy Superintendent James Gant is below:

Toledo Public Schools is investigating claims of inappropriate conduct by a volunteer coach toward a Start High School student. Because of the nature of the allegations, Lucas County Children Services has been contacted. At this time, the volunteer is prohibited from being at the school or attending any athletic events. The investigation began as soon as the school’s administration became aware of the concerns. All volunteer coaches must have a background check and provide other credentials before assisting with any TPS athletic program. Toledo Police have also been contacted and are aware of the situation. At this time, the district cannot comment further on this matter.

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