TOLEDO, Ohio — School leaders are talking about future plans after Governor DeWine spoke on the possibility of not going back to the physical classroom at all this school year.

The coronavirus is impacting schools in ways you might not think of.

Officials at Toledo Public School said over the last couple of weeks they've been planning to make sure they're prepared for anything.

Districts are faced with making sure students have the tools to learn from home and are still getting fed, if they use the meal program.

As the largest district in our area, leaders at Toledo Public Schools are working to have multiple plans in place for whatever happens next.

"We're continuing to address the plan up until April 6, but we're already completing and going through over and over our plan if the Governor decides to extend beyond April 6, or if the Governor just says we're going to close out the whole school year, but we need to be prepared for that," said TPS Superintendent, Dr. Romules Durant.

The superintendent understands the possibility of finishing the rest of the year outside of a classroom. He said he's hopeful that doesn't happen, but it's up to the public to listen to what officials are saying and to practice social distancing.

Dr. Durant said the pandemic is unprecedented and is historic. He's doing everything he can to make sure things work out smoothly for all the students in the district.

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