TOLEDO, Ohio — Elementary schools open Friday in Toledo Public Schools and a big change is in store at Hawkins Elementary.

It'll be the district's fourth STEMM school.

STEMM stands for science, technology, engineering math and medicine.

Kids came to Hawkins Thursday night to learn what they'll be learning in the coming school year.

"A lot of math. A lot of math" said Jasmin Covington.

And some already have STEMM careers planned.

"I want to be an animal helper" said Kolton Bray. "A you tuber. Make videos."

Hawkins was chosen because of it's proximity to the Toledo Metro Parks, Toledo Botanical Garden and the district's own Natural Technology Center.

Students work together in project teams preparing them for a job in the trades or college courses.

"We always need bright young students for different careers, naturalists, outdoor skills people and general help," according to Paul Allan of the Metro Parks.

Classrooms have been retro-fitted to handle the STEMM curriculum.

Hawkins teachers have trained with others in the district to learn the STEMM way of doing things.

"Now we're just bringing about the importance of it because as we continue to evolve socially this is what's important to grow socially," according to TPS Superintendent Dr. Romulus Durant.

And a STEMM curriculum is expected to grow into a fifth elementary school next year.