TOLEDO (WTOL) - Safety changes are coming to Toledo Public Schools in the new year involving backpacks.

Leaders at Toledo Public Schools say students will no longer be allowed to carry backpacks to and from class when they come back to campus after winter break.

This policy only affects high school students. Elementary and middle school students will still be able to carry backpacks in between their classes.

High school students will have to leave them in their lockers once the first bell rings.

Parents do not feel there is a need for backpacks, many saying they did not carry one around when they were in high school.

School leaders say backpacks make it easy to hide weapons or other hazardous objects. Many parents agree with that and feel it is important schools make every effort to protect students.

School officials encourage all parents to check their child’s backpack regularly. Students sometimes bring restricted items, like vape pens or small knives, to school by accident.

“Sometimes when we find these items on the students, the parents are surprised that their student had this item. But if they make it a routine to periodically check their students backpack, we won’t have any issues,” said Chief Diana Ruiz-Krauze, Department of Public Safety.

School leaders say the new policy will also force students to plan ahead and budget their time accordingly.