TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo Police Department launched a new real-time, data-driven system aimed at helping officers solve crimes while keeping them safe.

The program called "Street Smart" made its debut on Monday, Jan. 6.

Street Smart provides officers with an online application to share case-related information with different shifts and units. It also gives officers access to historical data like past crime trends and officer safety bulletins. 

The program gathers information from calls-for-service and other records in an effort to enhance officer safety, improve situational awareness and help solve crimes. Street Smart collects information in real-time so officers can access it in the field via in-car computers. 

The program costs about $90,000 per year. However, TPD officials believe it has already been making a positive impact. According to Toledo police, in one case, officers assigned to different shifts communicated through the program and were able to identify a theft suspect and issue warrants for his arrest.

"We put warrants on suspects who otherwise may not have been charged. We're hoping that the program continues its success and continues for many years to come," said Kellie Lenhardt, a spokesperson with the Toledo Police Department.

Law enforcement officials want to remind everyone if you see something, say something. According to TPD, witness statements can be a critical aspect in solving crimes. 

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