TOLEDO (WTOL) - When a child needs surgery, the experience is just as scary for mom and dad as it is for the patient.

A small gesture by some ProMedica doctors has made all the difference for a local family.

“He’s my baby, so I was a little worried,” said mom Kelly Galenski’s about her six-year-old son Ean.

He needed surgery to remove a polyp from his sinuses. Add to normal mom worry, Ean had a loose tooth.

“I was like, ‘I hope they’re not gonna cancel it because of his tooth,’ so I went back and forth a bit worrying about it,” recalled Galenski.

Turns out loose teeth are pretty common for the anesthesiology department at ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital. Doctors are typically working around them for procedures like adenoid or tonsil removal. Kelly didn’t have to worry after all.

“We gave him an anesthetic, we put him to sleep and we gently slipped the tooth out,” said Barbara Grover, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Here’s the really cool part, “The tooth fairy has found where we’re located and now that she knows where we’re located, she shows us very regularly when someone’s losing a tooth in the operating room,” said Grover.

So when Ean woke up, he had a sweet surprise waiting for him.

“They gave us a little specimen cup and inside of it was the tooth and two dollars from the tooth fairy. And so when he was up and feeling better he was really excited,” said Galenski.

Kelly said it’s comforting to know the staff went the extra mile.

“We understand how very stressful it is for the parents and any time you can make anything more home-like or comforting, the parents are always going to feel better, as well as the child," Grover said.