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Toledo Zoo announces names of new tiger cubs

Meet Alexi and Rory!

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo Zoo has announced the names of their two new Amur tiger cubs born last month!

The Zoo was asking for your help in naming the cubs, and the winners were Alexi for the male tiger and Rory for the female tiger!

The Zoo says Rory is pretty self-explanatory, as tigers roar, and Alexi means "defender of mankind" in Russian!

Tiger Cub Names Reveal!! 🐯 ❤️

Posted by The Toledo Zoo on Thursday, July 1, 2021

Amur Tigers are also known as the Siberian tiger and they are an endangered species.

And thanks to your donations when voting on the tigers' names, the Zoo said they were able to raise more than $4,500 to help fund conservation efforts and provide care for the endangered tigers.

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When the cubs were born, Jeff Sailer, president and CEO of the Zoo, said on the Zoo's Facebook page:

"I am very excited to announce that the Toledo Zoo has two beautiful new Amur tiger cubs. I’m so proud of the Zoo’s animal caretakers and veterinary staff for their hard work in making the birth of these two cubs possible. I cannot wait for all of you in our community to get the chance to see these wonderful new tiger cubs. There are so few tigers left in the world that the birth of these cubs is a great benefit to the population of these endangered species."

The tigers are now on view for the public to see.