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Toledo Women's Center is last remaining abortion clinic in the city as access dwindles nationwide

Staff members say 80 to 100 patients reach out to them on a weekly basis.

TOLEDO, Ohio — As the future of abortion access in Ohio remains up in the air, we're getting an inside look at how the process works for someone getting an abortion in Toledo. 

The Toledo Women's Center is still providing abortion access to anyone who needs it and staff members say that includes patients from all over the country. 

"We are the only abortion clinic in the city of Toledo," patient advocate, educator and scheduler, Allison Egan said.

The center also offers birth control and adoption resources. It's open three days a week with five doctors.

"They have to be here," Egan said. "They have to be the ones to write the prescriptions, administer the medication. They're here if we need help with a tricky ultrasound or something as well."

Kristin Hady is a patient escort. She helps them feel safe and welcome when going to the center. 

She said because Toledo Women's Center is an independent or "indie" clinic (meaning it's a freestanding clinic not affiliated with a national organization) it's a shock it's even still operating. 

"Over the years, the clinics that have closed have largely been indie clinics because it's incredibly expensive to fight back against everything that comes down from the state," Hady said. "Every lawsuit that's thrown your way, even when they're frivolous, even when they're pointless and you win one after the other, it costs money."

Egan said 80 to 100 patients reach out to them on a weekly basis, but not everyone follows through with their appointment.

The clinic will continue operating until they're told otherwise. 

"We will be here until we're legally not allowed to give people abortion care," said Egan. "We are always accepting new patients."

You can call Toledo Women's Center at 419-478-6801 to set up a consultation or even schedule online.

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