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Toledo woman podcasting to connect with others going through similar struggles

Tammy Lyn Connors created H.O.P.E. to share the stories of people who have struggled but still found the strength to keep going.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Life is filled with curveballs. So as a way to connect with others struggling through those moments, Tammy Lyn Connors created her podcast, appropriately called H.O.P.E.

"My goal here is to offer people hope, even if just one person will get out of bed today because of a story that we shared on here," Connors said during her podcast episode, "Don Caskey's Story of Hope."

From someone who's dealt with everything from alcohol and addiction, losing an infant son and then a best friend to a violent ex-husband, Connors said she knew she had the strength to help others going through similar struggles.

"I share these struggles because I didn't have to use, I didn't have to drink, I didn't have to do those things and I just want others to know that we all struggle and we go through things but there is hope out there," she said.

Credit: Emily Cohen/WTOL 11

She created her podcast back in March and at a time when people were more lonely than ever before during the pandemic.

"It's more relatable because, for one thing, you can put it on in your car when you're driving, you know you can listen to it then you can do things around the house and still listen to it," Connors said.

Jennifer Hessling, the owner of Sunrise Skillet, said she listens to H.O.P.E. while driving to work.

"You know there's so much negative that's going on in this world and just to hear one person can help and share someone's story - I think that means a lot just to get that out to the public," Hessling said.

She said the people who are brave enough to share their stories are helping more people than they even know.

"You might be sitting next to somebody that has struggled in so many ways, whether it's addiction or abuse, so I think it is important to tell your story and to have someone like her that could have a platform to share that will be great," Hessling said.

Connors plans to travel to all 50 states to share similar stories from people all over the country.

Here are links where you can listen to and follow Tammy Lyn Connors and H.O.P.E.: 

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