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Toledo toddler's overdose death highlights need for community resources

Both Lucas County Children Services and the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County have 24 hour hotlines for assistance.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Every time there's a child death, a special flag is flown outside Lucas County Plaza.

On Friday, it lay flat. The lack of wind was a symbol of the sorrow felt across Lucas County Children Services.

"I can't tell you how many calls I got from staff just absolutely heartbroken," Executive Director Roin Reece said.

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Friday was supposed to be celebrated with a new playground going in behind the building. But two-year-old Jordynn Smith, who was found dead after a nap from a fentanyl overdose, is on Reese's mind.

"I'm asking the community, if you see these issues, step up, intervene, call children services," she said.

She also says this story isn't an isolated incident.

"I got a message that there are two other kids who might have experienced an overdose," Reese said.

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In the same building as children services, eight stories up, are people like Scott Sylak from the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board. They have resources ready for anyone struggling with addiction.

Between the two departments, they've seen how opioids like fentanyl can devastate a family.This year it's at a higher rate than others.

"I think we're seeing about 50 more deaths of opioid overdose this year over last and this year isn't over yet," Sylak said.

Across Adams Street from Lucas County Plaza is a courthouse.

Juvenile Court Judge Denise Navarre-Cubbon wants people to know there are many options at the corner of Adams and Erie for people to find support.

"Lots of people in the community can open their arms to help the family," Navarre-Cubbon said.

If you believe a child is at risk, Lucas County Children Services is where you can report 24/7 at 419-213-2273.

If you're looking for resources to begin recovery, the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board's 24-hour hotline is 419-904-2273.