The concentration level of algae in Lake Erie is prompting the city of Toledo to begin daily testing of drinking water. The city says there is currently no problem with the drinking water system, and the monitoring dashboard says the water is safe. 

Until Friday's decision to increase the test frequency, the drinking water usually was tested every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Microcystin test results for Friday show the intake crib and surgewell both below 5 parts per billion and just slightly above detection limit in the raw water. The city said all others are at non-detectable levels and tap is non-detect.  

“This is consistent with what we have been saying for quite a while now: while our community has a lake water problem, we do not have a drinking water problem," said Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. "I know this distinction may seem counter intuitive, but it is a crucial point. There is absolutely no problem whatsoever with our drinking water, nor will there be in the future. The problem is at the lake, not at our faucet.”