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Toledo Public Schools taking coronavirus precautions, reminding that risk here is low

Local school leaders remaining calm despite all the conversations about coronavirus. Toledo Public Schools says they are taking the necessary precautions now.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Public Schools (TPS) shared information Tuesday morning on the preparations they're taking to prevent the spread of any virus, not just coronavirus. 

They said what they're doing is about being proactive, but without inciting fear or harm in any of the families or communities.

The district is doing all that it can to stay as sanitary as possible. There have also been daily talks about what they would do if a case of coronavirus were diagnosed in our area.

An important reminder: Ohio has not had any cases diagnosed. Currently, leaders believe the risk of contracting coronavirus is low as well.

Although the risk is low, TPS is taking steps to be prepared for anything.

A big question that's been talked about is "would schools close if an outbreak were to happen in our area?"

Officials said it depends on what the local health department recommends at the time. The district would then make decisions based off of what would be the best for the schools and their students. 

At this time, they have nurses and school staff on surveillance and taking the necessary precautions for cleanliness.

"We are already making sure that we get out plenty of information to staff and families about washing your hands for 20 seconds using the birthday song, we are doing mandatory disinfecting and cleaning of all high touch surfaces everyday," said Health Services Director, Ann Cipriani. 

She said they are speaking with families and teachers about staying home if you feel under the weather or have a fever at or above 100 degrees.

If schools would have to close for a period of time, officials with the district said they would use what's called 'Blizzard Bags.'

Blizzard Bags is a state law that allows students to make up three instructional day by completing lessons at home.

For students who rely on meals at or before school, the district does not have plans to provide food if schools were closed. Although, as a district, they will provide information to those students and their family on where they could obtain meals.

An update released from the district on what they are doing is available here.

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