TOLEDO, Ohio — With President Trump's visit to Toledo being his first rally of the election year, local law enforcement is getting prepared.

A spokesperson with Toledo Police said when someone of this status comes to town, they are well prepared for all aspects of what will be happening that day.

Lieutenant Kellie Lenhardt said they've been working on plans since they first received the call that he would be holding a rally here.

Right now, Police are working hand-in-hand with the Secret Service and numerous outside agencies, like the Sheriff's Office and State Highway Patrol.

When the President visited Toledo in 2016 as a candidate, they expected over 8,000 people. Come Thursday, they're expecting much more. Lt. Lenhardt also said they will be using all assets of the department including bicycles, mobile field forces and foot patrols.

"This is absolutely an all hands on deck type of event. We're bringing officers who are off, who are not normally scheduled during that time to work. There are numerous protests planned and numerous counter-protests planned and that's what makes living in America great and we're expecting thousands of people in Downtown Toledo," said Lenhardt.

According to the Lenhardt, everyone working the event will be extra vigilant while the President is in town to make sure he is safe, but also to make sure the thousands of people in our area are safe too.

She wants to remind people who are attending the rally, if they see something, say something.

Tickets are still available for the event and can be reached here.

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