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Toledo police officer finds inspiration from women in the department, pride in her community

Officer Morgan Balboa says she always knew she wanted to help people, so she interned with Toledo police to find her way. It led to a full-time job with her mentors.

TOLEDO, Ohio — March is Women's History Month and has been recognized as a national celebration since 1981.

To observe the vital role of women in American history, WTOL 11 continues to celebrate women who contribute to their community. Officer Morgan Balboa is just one of them.

Balboa said she always knew she wanted to help people and so she interned for the Toledo police to find her way. But she did not know it would lead her to the police academy.

"I actually had a sergeant at the time encourage me to take the test and I'm really glad I did I love the business and the new challenges that I face every day with it," Balboa said.

As an intern, Balboa witnessed women policing in Toledo every day.

She said it was inspiring, especially when they spoke about their experiences.

"They basically said if I'm interested in it, it can be intimidating at first but anything new is intimidating," Balboa said. "And to go for it and to just give it my best shot and to see where it leads." 

Balboa said she had entered the department with some challenges, but she decided to lean towards her strengths.

"One of the challenges I've found within this job is my size. People may not think I'm able to be assertive," she said. "I've learned to use my communication skills to talk to people and de-escalate situations."

Balboa said everyone's challenges look different, but she is a proud member of her department and her community.

"Every day looks different. There's no same day. We could be going to a serious accident or we could be helping someone change a tire," Balboa said. "But when people are really upset and knowing that my empathy impacted them or helped them get past their worst day, that does mean something to me."

Officers with the police department say they are currently hiring and encouraging women to sign up. 

The Toledo Police Department is hiring for the 2024 police class. Applications will close on July 17. You can apply through the Toledo Police Department's website.


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