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Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission provides Thanksgiving meals to over 100 people

The church provided over 200 pounds of food for the community. Organizers said the most fulfilling part is the presence of community.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission served meals to over 100 people for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

"We had a full house today of Thanksgiving festivities," director of operations Jamie Kincaid said. "We had all the food, all the fixings, all the pie, all the sweets and great company. The community really came together and just connected. We fellowshipped and had a great dinner."

Organizers said the holiday is the perfect time for the Toledo community to come together.

"It gives us a time to get together and celebrate one another, just to be thankful for who we are as a community, who we are as a city," Kincaid said. "Toledo really is a great place, and we come together in a great way."

Church volunteers said they served well over 200 pounds of food, including 50 pounds of mashed potatoes. Mission leaders said the event was not just about feeding the body, but the spirit too.

"I think that's the best way that we keep ourselves fed is by serving one another," Kincaid said. It's what we are called to do. We're called to take care of one another, to love one another right where we are. People matter."

Volunteer Denise Ruelle said no matter what's going on in your life, you always have a reason for gratitude.

"I think it gives everybody an opportunity to remind people that you always have something to be thankful for," Ruelle said. "Even when you're down and out, down on your luck, things have gone bad, I think you can always look deep and find something to be thankful for."

The meals do not end when Thanksgiving ends, either. The church is holding a similar event on Christmas morning a month away.

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