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Toledo Fire & Rescue reminding people to check smoke alarms and placement of space heaters

In response to the many fires that have happened this winter, Toledo Fire tells us ways to prevent a potential fire.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Following several massive fires this year, Toledo Fire & Rescue are reminding everyone to check all fire prevention tools in their home.

Having working smoke alarms are the first step in making sure your home is secure.

You should have one smoke alarm per floor, including your basement. It is also important to have smoke alarms in your sleeping areas.

“These are the best devices that can protect you and alert you when there is a problem in your home,” said Pvt. Sterling Rahe with Toledo Fire & Rescue.

Rahe said there have been many fires so far in 2022 attributed to space heaters, being too close to areas where they should not be placed. Make sure you have three feet of space around all of your space heaters.

“These devices, when used properly, are very good. But they can heat up to 400 degrees,” said Pvt. Rahe.

If you need smoke alarms in your home you can get them for free by calling 419-245-1140 or by contacting the Red Cross.

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